Yule Ornaments

Remember those delightfully macabre goat bone ornaments I had last year? I have THREE SETS remaining.

If you missed them last year and want that festively forlorn look for your tree, order ASAP.


Ask the Bones

The previous sets of goat bone Elder Futhark runes proved to be one of the most asked-about items I have ever created. I promised that when the time came I would process and craft a few more sets.

So I did.

Due to the nature of these hand crafted runes, variation will occur.

Each set will be listed at $75 USD plus shipping. There are only three sets until the next harvest.

Success Candles

Poured during the hour of the Sun, on a day of action, the color of growth, and finished in the hour of Jupiter, all during a waxing harvest moon, these hand crafted votive candles are layer upon layer of successful energies.

All batches of crafted candles are limited and can not be recreated until the necessary hours come around again.

$9 each, available in the store.


Rune Paintings Project

If you haven’t seen the newest items on the offering, take a look!

Each of these original paintings is available on Redbubble in a variety of formats including art board prints, stickers, and lovely acrylic block images.

Dagaz, Laguz, Tiwaz, and Uruz are all here painted in their meanings, the opening volley of a series that will eventually encompass the entire Elder Futhark. Each painting seeks to capture the essence of the rune’s meaning in visual form, creating a key to understanding of the rune’s nature.

All originals are acrylic on canvas and are not currently for sale.

Link to my Redbubble store:


New Format!

While all existing items will still be available in the Square store, square doesn’t make or sell art prints unless I have them made and maintain my own inventory. For a variety of reasons, that simply isn’t an option for me at this time. However! You can now purchase prints of my original painting “Uruz, strength standing” from my shop on Redbubble!

Y’all I am so excited.

Use this link: