Studies in Scarlet

Sometimes you just have to be a little bit of a cliche.

Both are hand crafted of US sourced leather with all the attention to comfort (and durability) that you’ve come to expect. Both will fit up to an 18″ neck. Remember, custom sizing is always available.

And keep your eyes open, I’ve just finished turning some leftover strap from another project into some absolutely gorgeous scale patterned sets! If you’re not watching the Instagram, you should be. That’s where most things appear first.


Show Confirmed! Valentine’s Market at Annmarie Gardens

Friday, February 11, 2022 at Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center in Solomon’s, MD

Their annual Valentine’s Market is back! It’s always a good crowd and a great break from the winter blues. Yours Fabulously will be there, along with a whole bunch of other local artists. The show focuses on things that are hand made, locally sourced, and unique.

I’ll primarily be showcasing the Viking knit wire jewelry that got this shop going in the first place, and I’ll have all sorts of lovely leather (the family friendly kind, but please feel free to ask about the other kind while I’m there) on the table as well.

So mark your calendars, and come see!

New Build, Who Dis?

Wer reitet so sp├Ąt durch Nach und Wind?

Why yes it’s one of my favorite poems, connected to one of the most fascinating collection of stories (a worldwide phenomenon, and one of the few, which really gets me wondering sometimes…) EVER.

An excellent internet friend planted the idea. And… well I’m me and I can’t resist a challenge OR a spectacular build.

If you’re not watching my Instagram feed, you really should be.

Armor Set- Dark Sunset

Just look at it.

Entirely hand crafted of finished off-black US sourced cowhide leather, all brass hardware, all edges professionally finished for long wear and comfort. Like the Knight of the Forest set, this is designed to be worn alone over a cloth base and uses chest and arm straps to secure it with minimal impact to your range of motion. This set will accommodate up to a 44″ chest. The bracers are laced instead of buckled and will adjust to fit most.

Love it but want a different color? Not a problem! Use the Contact page to message the artist- that would be me- and we can talk about your custom build.


Armor Set- Knight of the Forest

Completed set of forearm and shoulder leather armor just dropped!

I am, so proud, of this build.

Knight of the Forest:

Why yes that is, in fact, yours truly.

Entirely hand made out of US sourced leather- we’ve been over how important that is to me, right?- and dyed an absolutely stunning verdant green for your deep-woods adventuring fantasy fun. All hardware is antiqued brass. This set is designed to be worn alone over a cloth base, and relies on a chest and arm strap that is quite comfortable and permits an easy range of motion. This pattern also allows for a widely adjustable fit. The dyed-to-match bracers will comfortably fit up to a 9″ wrist.

All edges are professionally hand finished for long wear and comfort.

Like the design but want it in your colors? Not a problem. Use the Contact page to send an email to the artist- that would be me- and we’ll talk about your custom build.

See you in the forest! Unless you pass your stealth check, of course.