Craft and Creativity for all your ritual needs

Take a virtual walk through the gallery of creations past. First up,

Viking Knit Wire- 

it’s where we started. 

This is trichinopoly chain, but you probably know it as Viking Knit. 

Viking knit wire-work has been found in archaeological sites throughout Scandinavia and northern Europe and has been used historically as ornamentation. Whether you enjoy the history, appreciate the culture, or just like the look, consider adding some of this historically inspired wearable art to your hoard. 

Creating Viking knit wire  is a time consuming process; individual pieces may require six hours or more to complete from initial weaving to drawing out, coring, and finishing. Most of our Viking Knit is in jewelry grade fine brass, silver plated wire, or copper wire in thickness varying between 22 and 28 gauge. Custom work can be commissioned in any type of metal wire  from 20 to 34 gauge.

Body Jewelry

Wear these body chains and our much-loved Goddess Beads any way that pleases you! While The Spider’s Masque does keep a small selection in stock, you can achieve your best results by commissioning custom work to design your ideal style.

all pictures used with permission of the clients

Fur and Leather Crafts

The fur that you see in The Spider’s Masque is the product of our base farm’s personal meat supply. These animals were not raised specifically for their fur, rather, the artist taught herself how to tan pelts rather than keep seeing that fur go to waste. Heavier leather for straps, bags, belts and armor is always from reputable sources.

Beautiful Bones

Bones make regular appearances in the artistic and magical endeavors of The Spider’s Masque. All are sourced from our base farm and are cleaned and whitened in ways that preserve the physical and energetic integrity of the bone. Some bones will require divination before agreeing to go home with a new caretaker.

The Powers of the Planets

Many of the items here at The Spider’s Masque are crafted specifically for or during certain planetary energies for use in ceremonial or alchemical practices. The planetary votive candles are particularly popular. For custom work keyed to specific astrological energies, please contact us.

Divination Tools

The Spider’s Masque offers a wide range of runes and pendulum tools including both Elder and Younger Futhark, Ogham tiles, and Witch’s Runes. Custom materials including exotic woods, bone, and stone can be commissioned.

Masks and Festival Wear

It wouldn’t very well be The Spider’s Masque without masks and festival adornments, now would it? Masks, flower crowns, and festival garb from our sister shop Wild Hearth Apparel are all available for purchase. Items in this category range from simple cloth flower crowns and painted masks to elaborate cloaks and full costumes. Custom work in this category is our absolute favorite! Let us help you create something amazing.