Epic armor build: complete

I seem to recall promising a post dedicated to the “I can’t believe I’m building this” armor. You know, that weird nerdy stuff that makes people make jokes about tossing coins?

It’s finished and my lovely friend and enabler came over to help me photograph it in all its glory. Please enjoy approximately 60 pounds of steel and leather, and many hours of work.

I am not a licensed creator, so this is not for sale. That said, if you love my style and want to talk about custom fantasy armor of your own design? I’m all ears.


Leather Bracers are up!

Ready and waiting!

I haven’t been idle, I promise you. I’ve been working on a variety of projects, some personal, some commissioned, and some for sale. All three sets of leather bracers are now listed on the Store page.

All work like this, unless otherwise stated, starts as a half hide of natural colored vegetable tanned leather (usually from Weaver Leather Supply and because they have been *awesome* to deal with, they get a shout-out) which makes custom dye relatively easy to manage.

The current search for an oxblood formula has yielded a stunning deep purple that will almost certainly show up at some point…

As always, custom work is one of my favorite things. Books are currently open for custom projects. Just use the Contact tab to get started.

We’re about wrapped up for the season, though you may still catch me at a local holiday market or two- I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I do! Remember to keep an eye on the Facebook page for the shop or my Instagram page for updates, process pictures, and some magically sarcastic fun.

~Zoran, the Heathen Alchemist