Mythicon Lists are Live!

We are currently 17 days to Mythicon and the Fairy Market and Entertainment lists are live on

So go check us all out!


Because I am looking at several large shows more or less in a row, most of the online store will in fact be taken offline for the time being. I don’t normally worry about selling something twice since I usually have time to recreate the piece for the second customer HOWEVER. I will not have that kind of time.

As always, custom work is welcome. Please message me through the Facebook page or the Contact page on this website to chat about what fantastic ideas you want brought to life in custom leather!

See y’all at Mythicon!


Yule Ornaments!

This year’s Yule ornaments are finished! It’s a *very* limited run this year, only twenty ornaments and as of this post two are already spoken for. They will NOT be listed on the Square site- it’s too tedious a process. Message me through the Facebook page or the Contact form here to arrange purchase and shipping via emailed Square invoice.

$10/each, shipping is $6 per package.

As always, if you’d like a custom set made (for next year, there isn’t time to make and ship them for Christmas ’22) just send me a message and we’ll get you sorted out!


Autumn Moon recap

Oh boy was that a lot of driving but it was absolutely worth it! The location was beautiful, the crowds filled with lovely people, and the weather as good as could possibly have been asked for.

I was too busy to turn around much less take pictures of my setup like I usually do, so here, have this great picture of my dark fae armor that one of my wonderful friends took for me!

The best part of the day was seeing how much was collected for the food drive. Y’all warm my frozen heart 😉

The 2023 calendar is already starting to fill up and I couldn’t be happier about it. My favorite season is finally here- enjoy Spooky Season and all the beautiful dark days that follow.

Confirmed: Autumn Moon!

I am *very* excited to be part of this year’s Autumn Moon Pagan Pride Festival in Virginia Beach! This is a great community of people that I’ve known for a long time, and I’m glad to be coming home for the event.

The Autumn Moon Festival is held every year (without plagues) and combines a celebration of the season with a usually very successful canned food drive. The event is part of the Pagan Pride Project, and has a long history of being a family-friendly good time.

This year, the Autumn Moon Festival is on Saturday, October 22 and will be held at Bayville Farms Park in Virginia Beach.

See you there!

A Faire Time by the Sea

We almost didn’t make it.

But now I’m back in action with the all-clear and we’re ready to build, craft, plunder and party- and we got a chance to do all of the above at Ocean Renaissance. Though really, it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong when you’re surrounded by pirates and mermaids and fairies and stilt-walking bards and floors of amazing artists with tables of treasure just waiting for you.

And yes, we’re already planning to go back next year.