VA RenFaire is Underway!

VARF Opening Weekend is in the books and I couldn’t be happier. My whole crew had a fantastic time, I couldn’t ask for a better spot (No really, I’m right across from the Barleycorn Pub- come find me!), the weather was beautiful, and despite some technical struggles that were no one’s fault, there was a great crowd of people there all still able to have fun and get their Faire on.

My online store remains down- I am a one man workshop and there is just no way to keep up with the in person and online sales at this time of year. HOWEVER- you can absolutely still contact me via email or in person at a show to plan your epic custom build. I am currently building about six weeks out, which is pretty good for custom leather but that number is going to change fast as the season continues so if there’s something you want, go ahead and get in line now.

I will be at VARF for the entire run, then I’m taking July off to build my inventory back up but don’t worry, there are Pirate Shenanigans on the horizon for August and September before I head up to Delaware for the new and already thriving Delaware Ren Faire, Delafaire, if you will.

Remember to find me on Facebook and Instagram where you’ll get to see my progress pictures and bad pun memes!



Farewell and see you soon-

What a weekend! From a Mythic Market packed with a range of delights to evenings of out-of-this-world entertainment, Mythicon’s first year must be considered a brilliant show.

When your evening performers include Frenchy and the Punk, Kindred Crow, The Ohio Burn Unit, and the one and only SJ Tucker- along with several other fantastic acts- then you’ve done something right. The schedule had plenty going on, and it looked like everyone could always find something to their liking. Certainly every visitor that went by seemed to be having a marvelous time from visiting with mermaids and real live unicorns to presentations and games on folklore and fae history. .

One of the best things I can see as a vendor is that perfect combination of variety and scale- there were a lot of us, and I wasn’t the only leather vendor, but the other leather artists had styles so delightfully different that we were happy to wander and appreciate each others’ work. Well balanced markets aren’t easy to curate, but this show absolutely nailed it.

I hope my thanks also makes it back to the venue because even though the Eisenhower Hotel was dealing with their own renovations and an off-season (read: short-staffed) crew, they still took great care of us and accommodated the crew and vendors’ needs with professional courtesy. We appreciate it.

I will absolutely go back next year, and if you were on the fence about it, then you should come out too.

Folx looking to make online purchases please note that my online store is still down and will remain that way for some time. I am a one man leather crafting operation with multiple big shows lined up. However! The Contact page on this site, the Facebook page, the Instagram profile which is linked on this website, and my email ALL work! Send me a message any time to ask about a thing you saw on the table or want to have built.

Custom work is one of my favorite things- that way I *know* I’m building something that you will love!

NEXT UP: Find us at the water’s edge for Ocean Renaissance in Ocean City, MD this April! A fanta-sea by the sea where proceeds will be directed toward ocean cleanup efforts. The shop will be returning for the event’s second year after we had way too much fin the first time to miss this second chance.

See you then!


Mythicon Lists are Live!

We are currently 17 days to Mythicon and the Fairy Market and Entertainment lists are live on

So go check us all out!


Because I am looking at several large shows more or less in a row, most of the online store will in fact be taken offline for the time being. I don’t normally worry about selling something twice since I usually have time to recreate the piece for the second customer HOWEVER. I will not have that kind of time.

As always, custom work is welcome. Please message me through the Facebook page or the Contact page on this website to chat about what fantastic ideas you want brought to life in custom leather!

See y’all at Mythicon!


Yule Ornaments!

This year’s Yule ornaments are finished! It’s a *very* limited run this year, only twenty ornaments and as of this post two are already spoken for. They will NOT be listed on the Square site- it’s too tedious a process. Message me through the Facebook page or the Contact form here to arrange purchase and shipping via emailed Square invoice.

$10/each, shipping is $6 per package.

As always, if you’d like a custom set made (for next year, there isn’t time to make and ship them for Christmas ’22) just send me a message and we’ll get you sorted out!


Autumn Moon recap

Oh boy was that a lot of driving but it was absolutely worth it! The location was beautiful, the crowds filled with lovely people, and the weather as good as could possibly have been asked for.

I was too busy to turn around much less take pictures of my setup like I usually do, so here, have this great picture of my dark fae armor that one of my wonderful friends took for me!

The best part of the day was seeing how much was collected for the food drive. Y’all warm my frozen heart 😉

The 2023 calendar is already starting to fill up and I couldn’t be happier about it. My favorite season is finally here- enjoy Spooky Season and all the beautiful dark days that follow.