Now Booking New Year’s Readings

I will be booking limited slots for 2021 readings. Each slot will be approximately 20 minutes which will allow me a small break to collect my energy between clients. Blocks of time will be available on Sunday the 27th and Wednesday the 30th from 1800 to 2000 Eastern Daylight Time. Multiple hosting platforms are available including google hangout, facebook messenger, and skype.

$30/slot, first come first serve

All payment will be collected via Square invoice to the email you provide.

Use the Contact form here, message the Spider’s Masque on Facebook, or email directly for questions or to book a slot for divination.

As always, regular distance readings can be purchased through the Store at any time.

Ask the Bones

The previous sets of goat bone Elder Futhark runes proved to be one of the most asked-about items I have ever created. I promised that when the time came I would process and craft a few more sets.

So I did.

Due to the nature of these hand crafted runes, variation will occur.

Each set will be listed at $75 USD plus shipping. There are only three sets until the next harvest.

Success Candles

Poured during the hour of the Sun, on a day of action, the color of growth, and finished in the hour of Jupiter, all during a waxing harvest moon, these hand crafted votive candles are layer upon layer of successful energies.

All batches of crafted candles are limited and can not be recreated until the necessary hours come around again.

$9 each, available in the store.