Ideas in fermentation

That would be the alchemical stage, not anything to do with creating boozy goodness. Sorry.

Got to chatting over dinner with some creative partners recently and man oh man you should have been there for that brainstorm. Altar cloths, deck and dice bags, ritual cloaks, ritual cords, planetary candles, sustainable!fur vestments, masks (I promise I actually do make those, they just tend to be already sold before I can get them listed online!) and- if I can get time and resources and spoons all together in one spacetime point- some worked iron wands and crystal ball stands.

Even if we don’t get all of the things done in time for Spring’s events, they’ll go up on the Store as soon as they are ready. And yes, the first round of applications to Spring vends has gone out. I’ll put things up on a calendar page as soon as I hear back from any of the opportunities.

I have next up a FancyBox commission for a Frigg + Handmaids shrine, a stag mask that’s been screaming in my head for a while now, and some iron wands because I have the perfect stock waiting for me to find a decent oil quenching tank.

And applications. Lots of applications.

That’s what makes all of this ‘fermentation’ rather than anything else. Things are bubbling, forming, reforming as conditions change, and the planning has a sense of ‘actually going to happen’ instead of ‘castles in the sky.’ As we move from fermenting into distilling and start to work and draw off the products of that labor you’ll see the results here. Or at a Fest. Wherever you find us first.

Keep it magical.

-the Heathen Alchemist