New for Spring: Room Spritzers!

Well hello and welcome to Spring! At least, it’s Spring on the secular calendar- Sigrblot isn’t until later this month. Close enough to see the new things though.

Many of us have been in situations where we couldn’t use candles, incense, or smudges for one reason or another. Landlord says no, allergies, pets, toddlers, you name it- we’ve all at least heard of someone who had this restriction. Now, there are certainly a lot of other things you can do to help clear and set your space- like ringing bells or singing chants or practicing certain postures- but there’s something very special about a ritual scent. Smell is a very primal sense for us human-bodied folk and we like to have it engaged in our work. So what to do when the usual fiery burn-y bits aren’t an option?

Try a Room Spritzer!

My workshop smells an amazing riot right now after making all of these things. Each uses a complimentary pair of carefully selected and energetically appropriate essential oils to perfume your space. “Cleanse” is a fresh, cooling scent featuring Hyssop and Rosemary- a pair of herbs long famous in Europe as cleansing and protective tools before White Sage ever entered the pagan picture. “Sacred” features the beloved scents of Myrrh and Frankincense, ancient offerings to divinity still used in some religions today for their powerfully protective and divine associations. “Meditation” is a delightful and soothing blend of Lavender and Sweet Orange to relax your mind and spirit.

It should be noted that room sprays in general, when relying on natural oils, do not deliver the same potency of fragrance as candles, incense, or even some synthetic sprays. As always when working with essential oils, there is the possibility for an adverse reaction so please don’t spray this directly on yourself!


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