Goddess Beads and Body Chains

Aphrodite had one, Freya had one, technically so did Thor but his power was about physical strength. The belt (or necklace) of power is a common symbol in the mythology of the western world.

Ever wanted one?

I can’t promise magical results from adorning yourself with any of these beads and chains, but there is no denying their beauty or how beautiful you could feel wearing them. And really, isn’t that the source of real power?

Goddess Beads from The Spider’s Masque are long strings of tiny glass beads in assorted complimentary colors, each string averaging approximately 9 feet. Wear them any way you like- multi strand necklaces, waist beads, looped around your arms, adorning your altar or staff, anywhere you wish. Our body chains are just that- elegant chain jewelry worn as you wish.

The Spider’s Masque will be keeping a small selection in stock but encourages you to contact the shop and discuss a custom order to create your ideal style.

all pictures used with permission of the clients


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