Armor Set- Knight of the Forest

Completed set of forearm and shoulder leather armor just dropped!

I am, so proud, of this build.

Knight of the Forest:

Why yes that is, in fact, yours truly.

Entirely hand made out of US sourced leather- we’ve been over how important that is to me, right?- and dyed an absolutely stunning verdant green for your deep-woods adventuring fantasy fun. All hardware is antiqued brass. This set is designed to be worn alone over a cloth base, and relies on a chest and arm strap that is quite comfortable and permits an easy range of motion. This pattern also allows for a widely adjustable fit. The dyed-to-match bracers will comfortably fit up to a 9″ wrist.

All edges are professionally hand finished for long wear and comfort.

Like the design but want it in your colors? Not a problem. Use the Contact page to send an email to the artist- that would be me- and we’ll talk about your custom build.

See you in the forest! Unless you pass your stealth check, of course.



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