VA RenFaire is Underway!

VARF Opening Weekend is in the books and I couldn’t be happier. My whole crew had a fantastic time, I couldn’t ask for a better spot (No really, I’m right across from the Barleycorn Pub- come find me!), the weather was beautiful, and despite some technical struggles that were no one’s fault, there was a great crowd of people there all still able to have fun and get their Faire on.

My online store remains down- I am a one man workshop and there is just no way to keep up with the in person and online sales at this time of year. HOWEVER- you can absolutely still contact me via email or in person at a show to plan your epic custom build. I am currently building about six weeks out, which is pretty good for custom leather but that number is going to change fast as the season continues so if there’s something you want, go ahead and get in line now.

I will be at VARF for the entire run, then I’m taking July off to build my inventory back up but don’t worry, there are Pirate Shenanigans on the horizon for August and September before I head up to Delaware for the new and already thriving Delaware Ren Faire, Delafaire, if you will.

Remember to find me on Facebook and Instagram where you’ll get to see my progress pictures and bad pun memes!