Festival Masks are in!

These are something I’ve been working on non-stop for weeks and weeks. Masks are one of my absolute favorite ritual tools. They help you step out of ‘normal’ space in a way that very little else can. Ornate masks in fine materials like leather and wood can also be completely un-affordable.

Enter the time honored tradition of paper mache.

Yes, the same messy unpleasantness you may remember from art class. I promise though, this is not the paper mache you remember. It’s several layers sturdier, it’s got a good layer of sealant either paint or wood filler (which makes a surprisingly good fur texture if applied properly) and they’ve been textured, painted, and sometimes given lovely felt feathers to create the perfect temporary face for a ritual, event, or festival weekend.


Masks 4 of Many are waiting for you to come see them at our next event!
Big shaggy bear mask!
I’m so pleased with this stag that I made another one.

I have several forms to work with and can create many different faces from each form. The sheer variety means that offering these in the store is going to be difficult. No two are ever *quite* the same, no matter how hard I try. I think they want to be individuals. For now, these will only be available at in-person vends. Oh darn, I guess you’ll just have to come and see us!


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