An Iron Will

Everyone loves their wooden wands, right? I mean, aren’t they the Most Ancient Tradition(R)? Well, yes and no. Wooden wands are amazing and readily available and can be stunningly beautiful to hold and behold. There are layers of meaning in the wood chosen, the manner of carving- or not- and decorating- or not- and more. I actually do like wooden wands. If we can get our friend’s lathe up and running they will definitely be part of our future.

But I wanted to do something different.

I heard several years ago that the newest leading theory is that not wooden but *Iron* wands were part of a sorceress’ kit in pre-Christian Scandinavia and, after doing a bit of poking around in available internet resources, I think that this is very likely to be true. I stored this information in the back of my head for a couple of years until I managed to acquire a few very specific tools. Like an anvil. And some hammers. And some tongs.

Hours of forging, top to bottom Venus, Venus, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Mercury, Jupiter

The first iron wand I made I will not sell. Ever. It’s mine. I realized after creating this thing for myself that this is a tool that could be very appreciated by the right practitioners. These are NOT replicas of the old staffs of magic found in Viking-age graves of magic wielding women. These are what came out of my own forays into turning iron into a tool of will. These are absolutely not for every practitioner. Some will find them jarring, uncomfortable, and a bit too eager. For that reason these will only be sold at in-person events unless personal communication and divination agree that yes, you should have one of these iron wands.

I take special note of the planetary forces holding court at the time of forging and each wand is labeled with the hours and noteworthy energies that have been forged into it. I still have a small amount of this stock left but unless I can find more of this thin, strong steel to work with there won’t be any more of these wands. If this speaks to you, then come find us and see for yourself if any of these Iron Wands are the right tools for your work.


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