Planetary magic crash course- using keyed tools


Alright now that that’s out of the way let’s take a look at one of the questions I get asked most often and that is how exactly does one go about using the tools that the Spider’s Masque carries that are keyed to different planetary energies? The short answer is, of course, however you need to. The long answer gets more interesting.

Each of the ancient alchemical planets has an associated set of ‘arenas’ over which its energy is said to rule. For example, Venus rules not only over romantic relationships but also to a degree over our health and happiness while Jupiter rules over our more social selves and our finances. These are of course heavily condensed descriptions. So let’s approach from the other side.

You wish to do a working to sell a house. There are no other vendors at this event that have candles (you think I’m kidding but this ACTUALLY HAPPENED) and mine with their odd carvings don’t look like the candles you’re used to. So we chat for a minute about what you want to accomplish. You’re more interested in being free of this estate and its obligations than getting a huge payout so while both Mercury and Jupiter would serve well in a financial matter I suggest a Saturn candle. Saturn is all about boundaries and cutting away that which no longer serves. It can be heavy and harsh but if you want it done, that’s the energy to use.

Perhaps you are dealing with some symptoms you don’t understand. You’re achey, lethargic, your appetites are all depressed, and you don’t know why. You’re not even sure where to start looking. After some conversation about other things going on in your life and what you’ve tried already, I tell you that a Sun candle- the Sun is success in all things, if you’ll accept a reader’s digest version of the planet- might be a perfect boost to prayers searching for a diagnosis and treatment that will work. I do caution you to be very specific and include that bit about treatments that work because words mean things.

You do a lot of work with the dead and you find yourself looking for a new and better tool to aid and direct your own power in your workings. You come looking even though you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for but after talking for a bit your hand settles on a wrought iron wand- one forged on the day and during the hour of Mercury. It feels like just the right sort of energy in your hand and no wonder- Mercury rules over all manner of communication and is strongly associated with the role of the psychopomp. Perfect fit.

You could use a Moon candle to help you scry or dream. You could use a Jupiter wand for any and every working involving social or financial success. You could use a Venus candle while working to recover from trauma, as well as the more obvious use of working to manifest love in your life.

I’m not here to teach you about the planets and their powers. That is a study that will take years. They don’t line up neatly on a correspondence chart like colors or elements do. They are much more nuanced. To work planetary magic is an undertaking entirely its own. However, with some study (sorry, some study is still required, there’s no getting away from it), little bits of their energy and association can add tremendously to the work that you already do.

And if you get bitten by the planet bug, well, enjoy the journey. And make some space on your bookshelves.


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