Elegantly Macabre is the look of the season!

Well, it’s The Look all the time around here. I’ve just finished up not one but two pairs of unique and intentional pieces for your consideration. Let’s take a look at them!

First up a brief walk in the garden of bones. On each hand painted wooden stand silk roses bloom eternally amid white bone. Both the duo of black roses and the single red rose rest in the axial vertebrae of a young buck goat- one of ours from our base farm. Bones have been cleaned, sanitized, and whitened with peroxide (never bleach as bleach damages the bones) and should remain bright for many years.

A red silk rose will bloom forever. The base is 6″ in diameter and sealed with enamel paint to remain bright and beautiful for many years.
Red rose bone garden, side view. This morbid delight is $28 and will require special shipping. Please use the Contact Us tab to purchase this item as it will not be listed in the Store.
Black silk roses, white bone, silver trim and a nearly black midnight purple base- it doesn’t get better than this!
Black rose bone garden side view. This base is also 6″ in diameter and this item is also $28. To purchase, please use the Contact Us tab on this website as this item will require special shipping and will not be listed in the Store.

The ever-blooming bone gardens are not the only recently finished project in this workshop. A pair of working staffs of smoothed crepe myrtle, each topped with a cleaned and painted horn of a young goat and vibrantly dyed craft feathers, are waiting patiently for the right partners for their magical workings. Please note that these staffs, due to their size, will require special shipping. We are happy to arrange this, just send us a message via the ‘Contact Us’ page and we’ll do everything we can to get your staff to you safely.

Feathers the colors of flame, pale leather lacing, and gold enamel are all perfect compliments to one who works with powers of sun and fire.
Plum colored feathers, black lacing, and silver enamel are the perfect color compliments to one who works with powers of the moon.
Our witchy model is 6’1″ in those heels so these are substantial staffs- each over 5 feet tall. Crepe Myrtle is a dense, sturdy wood associated with magics of love, fertility, and regeneration. Both staffs are priced at $45 and will require special shipping.

To purchase any of these items, use the Contact Us form on this website. These items will all require special shipping and will not be listed in the store. When they are no longer available this post will be updated to reflect that.

Keep an eye on us as the weather begins to cool and we can get back into the swing of crafting again. There are some new projects planned: bones and leather and chains- oh my!

Until then, keep it magical.

~ Zoran, the Heathen Alchemist


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