The Return of Readings! And other things…

Starting as soon as the listing goes live in the Store, The Spider’s Masque will once again be offering divinatory and other spiritual services.

The following services are available through the Store as well as at live events:

Tarot Readings: Three card spreads ($10) for past/present/future and love/life/money quick views, our most popular option in the past, will be the first thing to return. Full spreads (the classic Celtic Cross, my own personal favorite Seven Sacred Directions, and Freeform spreads) will also be available ($25) from the Store and at in person events.

Rune Readings: Rune readings ($20) will be done using either the Elder Futhark or the delightful modern Witches’ Runes and a full cast rather than any specified number of pulls. I have found this method to be far more useful. These readings will be available through the Store and at in person events.

Light Setting: A dedicated, harmonized, intentional space for setting intentions is not something everyone has room to cultivate. Since I do, I am offering that space to others. Your intention will be placed into a tealight and released to manifest at the most auspicious time reasonably available. $5/light which also covers incense, libations, and other ‘common’ consumable tools. Exotic items may incur additional costs so please use the Contact Us form if you think you may have something out of the ordinary for me. This service will be available primarily through the Store, with limited slots available at in person events.

The following services will be available at our live events:

Aura Reading and Cleansing: Typically only available at in person events, aura scans ($15) and cleansing (an additional $15) are a way to get an experienced outside perspective on your energy bodies.

The Following services are available only after consult with the Artist:

Custom Spellwork: Need something very specific crafted? Not sure where to start? Use the Contact Us form to talk to us about anything from charged talismans to ready-to-burn spell candles to complete workings on your behalf. Prices will vary depending on the cost of your materials, the time required to make them, and the difficulty of working during your most useful astrological alignment. I reserve the right to refuse any requests that I find immoral or otherwise detrimental to my spirit. Billing will be via PayPal invoice after negotiation and before work begins. The time consuming nature of this service means that it can not (usually) be performed at any in person events.

House Cleansing and Blessing: For obvious reasons this will require conversation to determine the feasibility of your request based on location, the nature of your situation, and time available. The cost of this service will depend on these variables as well. Billing will be via PayPal invoice after negotiation and before work begins.

Life Event Rituals: As a ritual artist of no small skill, I have experience writing and leading rites to recognize and celebrate a variety of life events from coming-of-age ceremonies to end-of-life celebrations. I am also lucky enough to have an excellent network of friends and colleagues across many religions and will be happy to help you locate the right person to help you celebrate the next stage of your journey. Please use the Contact Us form for any questions about this service.

As always since ‘witch’ is not considered a real profession I am required to state that magic, magical items, divination and other energy work are sold as a curio/entertainment only and you should seek professional help when appropriate.


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