Mugwort Fumigation Wands Are In!

Artemisia vulgaris- common Mugwort- is one of the most popular and best loved herbs in the modern practitioner’s cabinet. The herb has a long history that reaches back into the Iron Age and walks alongside humans in roles from food preservation to brewing to medicine and more. It is one of our older allies.

Physically, Mugwort is a shrubby ditch weed thriving in rocky or soggy soil and everything in between. She’s a survivor. Mugwort is also high in thujone- a mildly intoxicating chemical to most humans (though not a hallucinogen as is often exaggerated) and has anti-microbial properties that lent it to use as a food preserving aid in ancient times. Referred to as ‘sailor’s tobacco’, Mugwort was once commonly smoked by those who could not afford tobacco and is still enjoyed by some practitioners today, though with caution. It should be noted that some of Mugwort’s other chemical components can build up in the liver so regular use is not recommended nor is Mugwort recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

The evidence of their own eyes may well have indicated to our ancestors that Mugwort is a very special plant. So how do we use it in magic today?

Mugwort is a lunar aspected herb of protection and divination, commonly employed to seek clarity in dreams or readings and to drive away malignant entities. It may be used in different kinds of satchels or bags to bring the energy of the plant into a spell. It may be used as an incense or a smoke to aid in divination. It is burned similarly to sage to alter the energy of a room or space and may be used to cleanse by smoke.

The newest listing in our store- found under the Ritual Tools section- is for Mugwort fumigation wands which function mechanically similarly to a sage smudge stick but are neither sage nor a traditional part of a true smudging ceremony. Mugwort has a rougher smell than sage and hearkens back to old Europe rather than the Native tribes of the Americas. Our fumigation wands are sourced entirely from our base farm and quantities are limited until next year’s harvest. They are approximately 10″ long and are bound with jute cord which will smolder but not flame. Natural variation between wands is unavoidable though we have certainly tried to make sure that each wand is the same length and roughly the same mass. Each wand is $7 plus shipping, US only, NO SHIPPING TO LOUISIANA. Sorry guys, your state thinks that Mugwort should be illegal still.


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