Ancient Iron Meets Modern Magic

One of the more interesting recent archaeological discoveries/conclusions has been the iron wands of the ancient Nordic magic-women. While it had been thought originally that the ornate iron spikes found in some graves were distaffs, we’ve learned that these were in fact tools of magic- though they could very well have doubled as useful items since textile creation and magic were closely linked.

Elaborate iron distaff-sized wands are, frankly, a bit much for most folks although personally I like the feel of that much ancient alchemy in your hand at one time.

Smithcraft is one of those modern treasures that has not forgotten its roots in the early days of human civilization. Ore from the earth worked in fire that is fed by air and guided by water into the expression of human will. There may be no better example of alchemy at work than in the forge. It is not a craft for the impatient or the reckless and will teach the proper pride of satisfaction with one’s own work.

In our modern era, we don’t see distaffs in regular use unless we know or are ourselves enthusiasts of fiber crafting. We do still see blacksmiths but generally not in the same role they once had. Reviving the tool began as a personal experiment and grew into a surprisingly well received service. Now I forge iron wands as a significant portion of my custom work.

I can forge them under different energetic influences from specific planetary hours to different lunar phases to a uniquely crafted ritual of making, quenched in blessed water and anointed with magical oils.

Use the contact tab on the menu to discuss the creation of your iron wand.


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