The Power of the Planets- in Candle Form

The ever in demand planetary votive candles have been restocked! The seven ancient planets of alchemy- Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn- are all represented and their votive sized candles are once again available in the Store.

I field more questions about these candles than almost anything else in the shop, except possible the iron wands. Usually it’s either “How do you attune them?” or “Which one do I need for ______?”

Attuning them is the working part. Each batch of candles is melted, poured, topped, pulled from their molds, and carved with their planetary symbol under the auspices of their ruling planet. As you may imagine, this can take quite a bit of time. Every alchemical work begins with prayer, even a short one. Every alchemical work is a balance of external and internal energies from the planetary hour to the phase of the moon to the meditative focus of the craftsperson to the moods of passersby. Everything counts and everything must be taken into account.

“Which one do I need for _______?” Is a much more practical question. You could look up planetary correspondences for magical workings on almost any chart of such things that you care to find on the internet. Or you could ask the person who makes them.

“I need to get rid of this influence.”

Sounds like you need a Saturn. Cutting, ending, boundaries, and so forth. Perfect match.

“I want to get this job done.”

Well Jupiter is great for success and achievement in general but try a Mars and get your own motivation going. The results will likely last longer if they’re coming more from you.

“I want to do a love spell.”

Hooooo boy. Are you sure? Are you really sure? Are you trying to coerce someone into loving you or are you trying to welcome the right love into your life? Yes I’m going to have some questions when I hear this one and I hear this one a lot. Love magic is fantastic and powerful and can affect your life but for the love of all that’s holy- see what I did there?- make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and in a way you can live with. That would be the Venus candle.

“Do you have Goddess and God candles?”

Not specifically, no but if you want masculinity and femininity represented that would be a Mars and a Venus.

“What would you use the Moon one for?”

Personally? Divination rituals. I’ve also sold them to people for emotional healing and dream interpretation. It would be a great candle to have burning in your office if you are a professional diviner, any sort of energy healer, or possibly a therapist of some sort.

These are the fun questions for me, actually putting my work to use. It’s very satisfying, as a crafstperson, to see your work enjoyed and appreciated.

All seven planetary votive listings are live in the Store.

If you are looking for a very specific energy, or combination of energies in one candle, don’t hesitate to use the Contact page or the message feature on the Facebook page to request custom work. I have created custom votive and pillar candles for everything from house blessing to fertility to creative inspiration to job hunting success using different planetary alignments and ritual work.

Personal feelings and experiences with magic aside, I am required to state that all magical items are sold as curios and that one should always seek professional help for medical, legal, financial, and other concerns.


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