Pocket Pagan Prayer Beads

The use of beads in prayer and meditation is truly an ancient art, and no one path has a monopoly on it, if indeed they ever did. They find uses now in various pagan paths as meditation tools, mnemonic devices, altar adornments, and more. So about the same as always.

No two of our pocket sized pagan prayer beads are quite alike. Most fit quite comfortably in the hand. All are strung or wired with care and intention for the prayers that were written by yours truly especially for the occasion. Prayers are included with the beads but you should of course feel completely free to write your own!

Want to create a custom set for your own intention, deity/ies, or path? Or maybe you just love one of these but want specific stone, wood, or other beads? Use the Contact tab on the menu and I’ll be happy to work with you to create a custom set.

These and more are available now in the Store under the ‘Tools for your Practice’ section.


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