COVID-19 Closing

Today, the Governor of Maryland has ordered that non essential businesses close for the duration of the current health and safety crisis in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Spider’s Masque does not qualify as an essential business and the shop will be closed in compliance with this order.

UPDATE: I have been told that I can still ship items I just can’t conduct any business in person. My commitment to keeping my spiritual advisory services free for the duration remains.

HOWEVER I am still an experienced and recognized professional provider of religious and spiritual services. I will remain available in that capacity for the duration. For divination by many means, light setting, dream interpretation, magical work, energy work, and as always someone to talk to please, please don’t hesitate to contact me on any digital platform where I have a presence. I will not be charging for these services during this time but I will be keeping my ‘tip jar’ open and humbly ask that if you can, please donate to help keep me going through this difficult time. Pagans, heathens, and others like us do not have the luxury of the infrastructure necessary to support full time clergy and those of us who try to fill even a part time version of that role are realizing just how expensive it can be. I will help you as I can regardless. It’s my job. If you can, please consider helping back.


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