Bindrune Festival: Still On!

That’s because it’s going to be entirely digital. With only a token fee for your access code (so the folks recording and presenting live can be compensated as able for their time) it’s also the cheapest pagan festival around.

Check it out here:

Bindrune is the result of a small group of pagan crafters, writers, and performers who decided we weren’t going to let a little thing like a pandemic get in the way of the magic. There will probably be a learning curve as some of us adapt to the new medium but I’m absolutely convinced that it’s worth the effort of trying to make this happen. So far it looks very promising.

The Spider’s Masque- drumroll please- is their first confirmed vendor! I’ll be showcasing all of my wares during the event and taking custom commissions in every category.

At this time I am still offering readings- tarot, rune, and witches’ runes as well as simple light settings and of course, a pagan friendly place to type-rant about things- free of charge. I feel that this is part of my duty as one of the few pagan (of any stripe) priests in my area. I’m leaving the listings up in case you are willing and able to pay for them. I’m not too proud to admit that I need the income. But in this current time of stress I feel compelled to offer this service in as accessible a way as I can manage. Use the Contact tab here or message the shop on Facebook to set something up.


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