Because Everyone Deserves to Feel Good About Themselves

Yes we’re talking about kink wear here. You’ve been disclaimed at.

One of my favorite parts about this entire thing that is The Spider’s Masque is getting to build custom adornment for people who want something just a little bit different.

Of all the words you could have chosen, Z, ‘adornment?’


I have built entire torso pieces out of nothing but fine draped chain that had to join just so to fit and be stable, comfortable, and delightful. These have been for people all across the spectrum of human shapes and sizes. The thing that cemented my desire to work my way into this admittedly niche market was a conversation with a local friend of mine. He’s a trans man, with a very slight build, who was having a devil of a time finding a masculine harness that would fit him correctly. My response? “I build leather, let’s take some measurements.”

It pleases me deeply to create something that helps someone feel seen, and just a little bit pampered.

Now, black and silver is a classic aesthetic and I appreciate it as much as the next guy. That said, sometimes you just want that sense of decadence. You want to look and feel adorned. That’s why I choose the rich colors that I do, and incorporate things like draped chains and sweeping lines. I’d never knock the neon or pastel subsets, but they don’t scream luxurious to me. Scarlet, forest, peacock blue… these colors do.

One of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten was from an online chat looking over my gallery that said “You put so much thought and attention into aesthetic details that just do much for the whole piece.” Well sure. From hand finished edges to burnished smooth backs and a glycerine polish layer that keeps the piece soft (and while not stain proof, resistant to staining and easier to clean) for many years- I’m good at what I do.

And it’s fun.

So if plain black and silver is boring, and neon doesn’t do it for you, if you just don’t feel seen by standard sizing, contact me.

I gotchu.