Crafting Alchemically

There is crafting and there is crafting and many other kinds exist beyond them- so what’s the difference?

I can bend all of my skills with thread, wood, iron, leather, wax, wire, bone, etc to a task and create a physical masterpiece. But it will be without intention if I am not properly focused and Crafting while I craft. The effect of focus on the finished product is something that humanity has long known but recently forgotten, at least in our fast-paced modern world. Tales of charms woven into fabric or power wrought into steel permeate our stories and spark memories in our sleeping minds. For millennia we knew it was true. What’s a few decades of electronic complacency in comparison?

Everything that we craft is done with intention. All of it. Every time. Candles are poured during specific planetary hours with their purpose in mind. Wire is woven with thoughts turned to beauty and strength. Each pyrographed symbol is carefully considered and imbued by heat and thought as it is burned into a surface. We know now that the mere act of observing something can alter it, we’ve simply decided to call this a branch of theoretical physics instead of an exploration of our magical heritage. Perhaps they are the same thing.

Knowing that this exists might make someone an armchair magician. Theory is fascinating and always a good discussion, but are you using that theory? Are you crafty or are you Crafty, to abuse the internet’s passion for Capitalizing Important Things? A great many more items will be appearing in the catalogue over the next few weeks, all of them have been made at auspicious times, with focused thought and physical skill. We hope you enjoy them.

~Zoran, the Heathen Alchemist

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