Itty Bitty Bone Bottles Uploaded!

I’ve just finished uploading an assortment of itty bitty bottle charms! The bottles are glass, none more than 1 3/4″ tall, and all are well sealed with craft epoxy- they won’t be falling apart on you! Here’s a small sample of the collection:

Each bottle uses one of my favorite methods of ‘anchoring’ energy work: the inclusion of some bone bits. In this case, rabbit teeth. They are- in my own humble magical craftsperson’s opinion- an excellent anchor for benign magic. Rabbits’ teeth grow constantly, and these bones help anchor other magical work with the same vigor. There are bottles for each of the seven ancient planets, each of the four ancient elements, and a few other energy types besides. Take a look, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Don’t see the bottle you wanted? Let me know and- as long as my supplies last- I’ll be glad to make one just for you!

-Zoran, the Heathen Alchemist

(PS: Personal beliefs and experiences with magic aside, I’m required to clarify that magical items are sold as curios; are not guaranteed to do anything at all and you should always seek professional medical, legal, financial, or other help.)


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