Beautiful Brass

Bolder than gold- and more affordable- tarnish resistant jewelry grade brass is a delight for the senses. The Alchemist is here with some new creations for your consideration.

Let’s take a look:


This statement piece is big and bold yet intricate and comfortable- a suitable addition to any Jarl’s hoard! This bracelet is handwoven out of heavy gauge jewelry grade tarnish resistant brass and accented with a lamp worked marbled green glass bead. The bracelet is a single solid piece with an approximate circumference of 9 1/2 inches, but the flexible nature of Viking Knit wire allows for a much easier on and off than a rigid bangle would. This bracelet is $40 and is waiting for you in the Store.


Not into the heavy swagger of some of the other brass pieces? This refined version is for you. This bracelet is intricately handwoven out of jewelry gauge tarnish resistant brass and measures a comfortable 8 inches. This bracelet is $30 and is waiting for you in the Store. The gauge and double knit weaving pattern are a match to the Lapis and brass necklace but the beading pattern is not.


Proud as…

A Peacock, of course! The Alchemist is here with another lovely new item for your enjoyment.

Let me tell you the story of a box. It was an unassuming little box, it fit perfectly into the cabinet and held tea. Then it was empty of tea. Then Masquerade looked at the empty box and thought, ‘why put more tea when I can DECORATE IT?’ I usually drink coffee anyway, takes me forever to get through a box of tea.

But how to decorate it? I let the box sit for quite a while, devoid of tea but also devoid of decoration, while I searched and waited to find out what it needed. This was about the same time that my social media feeds began to absolutely FILL UP with prismacolor peacocks. I love peacocks. They’re beautiful. They’re also amazing proximity alarms, but impossible to actually tame. They learn who usually has treats and that’s about as tame as they get so I’ve never kept any even though I think they’re gorgeous. Knowing all of this I went an looked up some of their other associations and I admit I did giggle a little bit. Peacocks have a very ‘barbarian warlord’ vibe to me after watching them carry on about their business for a while. Less ‘high priestess’ and more ‘I will fight you, I will win, and I will look fabulous doing it.’ If you want my opinion. You don’t have to listen to me, this is the internet.

TLDR: Peacocks are gorgeous gladiators and they will fight you.

I had to do it. This is the peacock box. It is approximately 6 inches by 8 inches by 1 and 3/4 inches and is available now for $35. The lid slides open and is a little snug but does operate as designed. The box is pictured propped up on another box so that the feather detail on the side is visible. There is a similar feather on the other side of the box. I’m quite proud of this one, appropriately enough. Use the watchful peacock to hold your divination tools, guard a precious item, or as a small shrine to a Power that is connected to peacocks.

Box it up!

Long snowbound days means time to break out the crafting toys! The Alchemist is here with some lovely new items for you to enjoy.

I don’t know about you but I have a truly ridiculous amount of little bits and baubles knocking around my space that could use corralling, protecting, or just a home. Enter, the ornate little box. All of these little treasure chests have been adorned with pyrographic designs, artfully gilded with gold leaf paint, felt floored by hand, and given several coats of protective lacquer all by yours truly.

Let’s take a look.

First up is this adorable little guy. He is decorated with Celtic-style knotwork on 5 out of six sides and has a white felt floor to protect your tiny precious items. All metalwork is bright brass. He measures 3 and 3/4 inches wide, 2 inches tall and 2 and 1/4 inches back to front. His guilding is very subtle, just a few tiny touches within the knots. He is $15 and unless USPS rates go up again he will still be the usual flat $4 to ship.

Up one size to the next box.

This fancy little friend has been given a design reminiscent of stained glass! The extra fancy front finials have been gilded to match! This box’s total spaceprint is 5 and 1/4 inches by 3 and 1/4 inches by 2 and 1/2 inches. Please note that this box has some significantly overhanging lid and floor detailing and the actual box interior is only about 4 and 1/4 by 2 and 1/4 by not quite 2 inches tall. I’ve given this box a white felt floor to help protect your treasure. The metalwork is antiqued brass with a teensy tinsy eagle detail on the main clasp that I absolutely could not capture with the camera. I tried. This box is $18

So gilded, much heat stamping, all fancy. Wow. No really, look at this thing. I saw the blank on the shelf and I had to have it so I could fancy-fy it even more. The bottom decorative ridge, the top arched plate, and the decorative molding around the front of the box have all been given a layer of gold leaf paint. It gleams. The warm gold contrasts very nicely with the antiqued brass clasp and studs and I absolutely love the way the heat stamped pattern looks on this one. I gave this box a felt floor and ceiling to help protect your treasures inside. The box has very ornate outer detailing and the exterior footprint is much larger than its interior space of 5 and 1/4 inches by 3 by 4 inches at the peak of its arch. Its total exterior footprint is 6 and 1/2 by 4 and 3/4 and it stands a substantial 5 inches tall. This box is $20

Here’s the largest of this collection at a whopping 6 by 4 by 4 interior space. I’ve given this box an ornate four petaled flower design in a stained glass style on its lid with crossed thorny branches as a guard on the front face. The rear of the box has a rose window design. What better feature for a box with a rose window pattern than a gold leaf painted inner lid? I’ve also given this box a white felt floor to cushion whatever secrets it carries. The metal work is bright brass and matches the painted details well. This box is $20

This is my personal favorite from this collection. This round box with a hidden magnetic closure measures 4 and 1/2 inches in diameter by just over 3 inches tall, (3 and 1/4 by 2 and 3/4 interior) and I have given it a white felt floor, a gold leaf painted inner lid, and quite a bit of decorative woodburning and gold leaf paint on the outside. The twisted ribbon with gold filled abstractions patter continues around the entire outside wall and the lid is similarly covered with gold leaf paint and a floral mandala inspired pattern. I’m really very happy with this box and it’s gotten numerous complements around the workshop. This box is $30

That’s it for this collection of wood burning. gold painting, felt cushioning winter time crafting. Feel free to browse the rest of the catalog which can be found under the ‘Store’ tab and remember if you don’t see just the perfect thing, send us a message and we’ll talk about some custom work options.

Keep it magical.

-the Heathen Alchemist

Lovely Layers

What’s better than one amazing handcrafted piece of historically inspired jewelry? More, or course! The Alchemist is here with some new pretties for your consideration.

First up is a set of the most delicate work I’ve ever done.

These bangles are made of ultra-fine 34 gauge handwoven wire sleeves over memory steel cores. Yes that’s 34 gauge, it’s not a typo. This wire is about  the same thickness as heavy sewing thread and is tedious and time consuming to weave by hand. Two bangles are red copper with silver plated accent wire holding the shape, the third is fine sterling wire with silver plate accent wire holding the shape. I will not work in 34 gauge wire again. There are a total of five pieces made with this wire and there will be no more. These are utterly unique. The set is listed at $50 and is live in the Store.

Want your layers  a little larger? Look ahead:


This is a single piece of three joined strands of handwoven Viking Knit silver tone artist wire. The set is ready to hold all of your charms and trinkets (the ceramic owl charm is included!) or to display its own cascading beauty alone. The innermost strand is a snug 15 inches but I will gladly include, at no additional cost, an extender chain of your desired length. Just ask. The three stranded necklace is $50 and is live in the Store.

It’s in the bones

Greetings all and welcome to 2019! The Alchemist is here with a couple of new pretties for your consideration. The bone bottles have proven to be quite popular so I took a long look at the rest of my collection… and got to work.

All of the following delightful decorations are crafted out of domestic livestock- goats and rabbits- that I raise here on the farm, harvest humanely, and waste as little as possible of. (On a related note, the 2018 pelts are finished and they look GREAT! You’ll be seeing them soon!) To the best of my research, all are legal to possess in the United States. And of course I’m required to state that any descriptions of magical properties are provided as a curio only.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look:


Look at this thing! It looks like some kind of mothership calling it’s wayward explorers home- it’s just awesome. This is a sacral vertebra from a young buck goat. At the risk of sounding crude, he’s in my freezer as some roasts and hamburger, nothing is going to waste here. The stone chips are an assortment of semiprecious stones and ornamental rocks, mostly in the quartz family. This very unusual bone curio is $45 and the listing is live in the store.


Another delightful dangling decoration, this one made from the lumbar vertebrae of a young buck rabbit interspersed with scarlet lampworked glass beads and silvertoned cap beads. I’m really quite pleased with this and considered keeping it but I’m not looking for any more rabbit energy around right now. This would make a fine altar decoration to the right Power. This bone curio is $30 and the listing is live in the Store.


I hope you’ll forgive the unusual choice of display stands- you could absolutely turn this into a necklace if you so desired. It would make a striking symbol of office for a rabbit priestess, for example. This is the cleaned, degreased, peroxided (to disinfect and whiten without the damaging effects of bleach), skull of a juvenile doe rabbit. It is currently strung with lampworked and painted glass beads on a plain dowel as a wall hanging. It could be set on the wall above an altar or balanced over statuary or any number of other things. The choice is yours. This bone curio is $30 and the listing is live in the Store.


I’m very pleased with this one. This collection of cervical and lumbar goat vertebrae, interspersed with stone amethysts, was put together with the intention of ‘carrying through from bad dreams into good’ as amethyst has been used to dispel nightmares and goats make wonderful chariot pullers- just ask a certain God of Thunder. The wall hanging is intended to be a powerful and reliable protective charm, though it may also be appropriate anywhere some sturdy, vital goaty energy is needed. This bone curio is $45 and is live in the Store.

And in case you were curious, the backdrops from this set of photos are also available! These are prime senior furs from the last (venerable old age) of my Silver Martin Rabbits. The leather is much thicker and sturdier than your average craft pelt and the fur is absolutely PLUSH. A random penny has been dropped on the black fur for a sense of scale. These are much larger than your average craft pelt, too. Both rabbits (the chocolate brown was a venerable old female, the black her equally venerable brother) lived quite spoiled lives in my hutch for some time and they should carry that ‘satisfied’ energy with them wherever they go. It could be a long time before I have senior pelts again so if you’ve been looking for a rune casting skin, an altar rug, a dream pillow, a blessing rug, or any of the many magical things I can think of to do with a premium rabbit skin- this is your chance. They will be sold as a set, since they go together. They are $60. for the set and the listing is live in the Store.