Stones of Beauty, Stones of Power

Who loves stones? Every hand should be in the air, right? The Alchemist is here with a few new beauties for your consideration. Today’s theme? Beautiful, powerful, stones!

First and foremost I am required to state that any descriptions of magical power are provided as a curio only and you should seek professional assistance for legal, medical, financial, and other concerns.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look:


First up a piece that absolutely refuses to be ignored, taken for granted, brushed over, shushed, or anything else for that matter. Cool tones of Ocean Jasper alternated with gleaming Pyrite nuggets proclaim “Plenty!” and “Power!” in confident, grounded tones. The two quartz points in the center hearken back to the sharp teeth of trophy necklaces. This entire piece proclaims in the language of stones “I have claimed my power.” The necklace itself is quite short at only 15 inches but I can add an extender chain to your chosen length for no additional cost- just send me a message through the Contact form. This piece is $50 and is live in the Store.


Elegant, exquisite Lapis Lazuli- an ancient stone of royalty and said to empower its wearer to not only see the truth but to proclaim it. Lapis has a lengthy and noble history and has played a role in understanding just how expansive ancient trade routes really were. These three smoothly polished examples of the stone have been strung securely between sections of handwoven Viking Knit fine brass wire. The result is this stunning marriage of warm brass and cool lapis, a fitting piece for the highest of pursuits: magician, know thyself. This necklace is a comfortable 19 inches in length and I will gladly- and at no extra charge- add an extender chain to your preference. Just ask. It is $65 and the listing is live in the Store.


Amethyst and silvertone filigree beads dance a perfect round on sturdy beading wire. Amethyst has a storied and popular history as a gently protective stone, used by ancient people to ward off everything from nightmares to drunkenness. It is most often cited as a soothing stone and a protector against bad dreams. These vibrant, smooth beads are an excellent example of the stone’s noble coloring. Please note that amethyst, like many stones in the quartz family, fades in the sun and is best recharged using a method that avoids direct sunlight! This bracelet is a snug 7 inches. I will be happy to add an extender to your desired length at no additional cost. Just ask. This bracelet is $15 and is live in the Store.


A single smooth lapis lazuli oval provides an elegant accent to hand woven silver plated Viking Knit wire. Lapis is a stone of royalty, of honesty, and of charisma. Speak up. The world is listening. This bracelet is a large 8 inches. I will happily add an extender chain of your preference at no additional cost. Just ask. This piece is $40 and is live in the Store.


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