Pretty in Purple

Who says that ‘historically inspired’ has to mean ‘historically limited and boring?’ The Alchemist is here with some new pretties for your consideration!

Until I saw this fantastic, fabulous, just plain fun wire I had been content to limit myself to more ‘normal’ silver plate, sterling, brass, and copper wire. I didn’t know it came in purple. It comes in purple and “in purple, I am stunning.” (if anyone recognizes that quote you get ALL of the internet points.)

This is currently my only piece in this or any other color outside of the traditional metal spectrum. The wire is pigmented coating over silver plate over base copper and is quite sturdy. The color coating seems to be holding up well. I say this because the process of weaving and drawing out the Viking Knit is really very rough on the wire and this held its color.

Look at this thing. It is amazing.


All 18 inches of this pretty purple piece are handwoven. I will of course include an extender chain of your preferred length at no additional cost- just ask. The necklace is $40 and is live in the Store.

Is the funky purple not really your thing? Well that’s OK too. I have something more subtle for you. Take a look.


This is an amethyst stone of the palest lavender-pink. It is caged in silver tone artist wire and strung on hand woven Viking Double Knit silver tone artist wire. It is an elegant, understated piece that measures 19 inches though I will of course include an extender chain of your preference at no additional cost. The necklace is $45 and is live in the Store.


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