Lovely Layers

What’s better than one amazing handcrafted piece of historically inspired jewelry? More, or course! The Alchemist is here with some new pretties for your consideration.

First up is a set of the most delicate work I’ve ever done.

These bangles are made of ultra-fine 34 gauge handwoven wire sleeves over memory steel cores. Yes that’s 34 gauge, it’s not a typo. This wire is about  the same thickness as heavy sewing thread and is tedious and time consuming to weave by hand. Two bangles are red copper with silver plated accent wire holding the shape, the third is fine sterling wire with silver plate accent wire holding the shape. I will not work in 34 gauge wire again. There are a total of five pieces made with this wire and there will be no more. These are utterly unique. The set is listed at $50 and is live in the Store.

Want your layers  a little larger? Look ahead:


This is a single piece of three joined strands of handwoven Viking Knit silver tone artist wire. The set is ready to hold all of your charms and trinkets (the ceramic owl charm is included!) or to display its own cascading beauty alone. The innermost strand is a snug 15 inches but I will gladly include, at no additional cost, an extender chain of your desired length. Just ask. The three stranded necklace is $50 and is live in the Store.

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