Beautiful Brass

Bolder than gold- and more affordable- tarnish resistant jewelry grade brass is a delight for the senses. The Alchemist is here with some new creations for your consideration.

Let’s take a look:


This statement piece is big and bold yet intricate and comfortable- a suitable addition to any Jarl’s hoard! This bracelet is handwoven out of heavy gauge jewelry grade tarnish resistant brass and accented with a lamp worked marbled green glass bead. The bracelet is a single solid piece with an approximate circumference of 9 1/2 inches, but the flexible nature of Viking Knit wire allows for a much easier on and off than a rigid bangle would. This bracelet is $40 and is waiting for you in the Store.


Not into the heavy swagger of some of the other brass pieces? This refined version is for you. This bracelet is intricately handwoven out of jewelry gauge tarnish resistant brass and measures a comfortable 8 inches. This bracelet is $30 and is waiting for you in the Store. The gauge and double knit weaving pattern are a match to the Lapis and brass necklace but the beading pattern is not.


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