Proud as…

A Peacock, of course! The Alchemist is here with another lovely new item for your enjoyment.

Let me tell you the story of a box. It was an unassuming little box, it fit perfectly into the cabinet and held tea. Then it was empty of tea. Then Masquerade looked at the empty box and thought, ‘why put more tea when I can DECORATE IT?’ I usually drink coffee anyway, takes me forever to get through a box of tea.

But how to decorate it? I let the box sit for quite a while, devoid of tea but also devoid of decoration, while I searched and waited to find out what it needed. This was about the same time that my social media feeds began to absolutely FILL UP with prismacolor peacocks. I love peacocks. They’re beautiful. They’re also amazing proximity alarms, but impossible to actually tame. They learn who usually has treats and that’s about as tame as they get so I’ve never kept any even though I think they’re gorgeous. Knowing all of this I went an looked up some of their other associations and I admit I did giggle a little bit. Peacocks have a very ‘barbarian warlord’ vibe to me after watching them carry on about their business for a while. Less ‘high priestess’ and more ‘I will fight you, I will win, and I will look fabulous doing it.’ If you want my opinion. You don’t have to listen to me, this is the internet.

TLDR: Peacocks are gorgeous gladiators and they will fight you.

I had to do it. This is the peacock box. It is approximately 6 inches by 8 inches by 1 and 3/4 inches and is available now for $35. The lid slides open and is a little snug but does operate as designed. The box is pictured propped up on another box so that the feather detail on the side is visible. There is a similar feather on the other side of the box. I’m quite proud of this one, appropriately enough. Use the watchful peacock to hold your divination tools, guard a precious item, or as a small shrine to a Power that is connected to peacocks.


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