Bindrune Festival: Still On!

That’s because it’s going to be entirely digital. With only a token fee for your access code (so the folks recording and presenting live can be compensated as able for their time) it’s also the cheapest pagan festival around.

Check it out here:

Bindrune is the result of a small group of pagan crafters, writers, and performers who decided we weren’t going to let a little thing like a pandemic get in the way of the magic. There will probably be a learning curve as some of us adapt to the new medium but I’m absolutely convinced that it’s worth the effort of trying to make this happen. So far it looks very promising.

The Spider’s Masque- drumroll please- is their first confirmed vendor! I’ll be showcasing all of my wares during the event and taking custom commissions in every category.

At this time I am still offering readings- tarot, rune, and witches’ runes as well as simple light settings and of course, a pagan friendly place to type-rant about things- free of charge. I feel that this is part of my duty as one of the few pagan (of any stripe) priests in my area. I’m leaving the listings up in case you are willing and able to pay for them. I’m not too proud to admit that I need the income. But in this current time of stress I feel compelled to offer this service in as accessible a way as I can manage. Use the Contact tab here or message the shop on Facebook to set something up.

COVID-19 Closing

Today, the Governor of Maryland has ordered that non essential businesses close for the duration of the current health and safety crisis in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Spider’s Masque does not qualify as an essential business and the shop will be closed in compliance with this order.

UPDATE: I have been told that I can still ship items I just can’t conduct any business in person. My commitment to keeping my spiritual advisory services free for the duration remains.

HOWEVER I am still an experienced and recognized professional provider of religious and spiritual services. I will remain available in that capacity for the duration. For divination by many means, light setting, dream interpretation, magical work, energy work, and as always someone to talk to please, please don’t hesitate to contact me on any digital platform where I have a presence. I will not be charging for these services during this time but I will be keeping my ‘tip jar’ open and humbly ask that if you can, please donate to help keep me going through this difficult time. Pagans, heathens, and others like us do not have the luxury of the infrastructure necessary to support full time clergy and those of us who try to fill even a part time version of that role are realizing just how expensive it can be. I will help you as I can regardless. It’s my job. If you can, please consider helping back.

Pocket Pagan Prayer Beads

The use of beads in prayer and meditation is truly an ancient art, and no one path has a monopoly on it, if indeed they ever did. They find uses now in various pagan paths as meditation tools, mnemonic devices, altar adornments, and more. So about the same as always.

No two of our pocket sized pagan prayer beads are quite alike. Most fit quite comfortably in the hand. All are strung or wired with care and intention for the prayers that were written by yours truly especially for the occasion. Prayers are included with the beads but you should of course feel completely free to write your own!

Want to create a custom set for your own intention, deity/ies, or path? Or maybe you just love one of these but want specific stone, wood, or other beads? Use the Contact tab on the menu and I’ll be happy to work with you to create a custom set.

These and more are available now in the Store under the ‘Tools for your Practice’ section.

Official Cancellation: Manassas Viking Festival

I am sorry to inform everyone who was looking forward to seeing the shop there that the Manassas Viking Festival has been cancelled. The organizers held out as long as they could hoping for a sign that the event could go on as planned but it has become necessary to call off the Fest. Those of you who know me know that I have been looking forward to Viking Fest for months and this comes as a heavy blow both personally for the enjoyment and financially. Rest assured, the goat and rabbit fur bags, iron wands, candles, pyrographed treasure boxes and my famous handwoven Viking Knit wire jewelry are still available on the online Store and will remain available as long as the Post Office keeps shipping.

The Power of the Planets- in Candle Form

The ever in demand planetary votive candles have been restocked! The seven ancient planets of alchemy- Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn- are all represented and their votive sized candles are once again available in the Store.

I field more questions about these candles than almost anything else in the shop, except possible the iron wands. Usually it’s either “How do you attune them?” or “Which one do I need for ______?”

Attuning them is the working part. Each batch of candles is melted, poured, topped, pulled from their molds, and carved with their planetary symbol under the auspices of their ruling planet. As you may imagine, this can take quite a bit of time. Every alchemical work begins with prayer, even a short one. Every alchemical work is a balance of external and internal energies from the planetary hour to the phase of the moon to the meditative focus of the craftsperson to the moods of passersby. Everything counts and everything must be taken into account.

“Which one do I need for _______?” Is a much more practical question. You could look up planetary correspondences for magical workings on almost any chart of such things that you care to find on the internet. Or you could ask the person who makes them.

“I need to get rid of this influence.”

Sounds like you need a Saturn. Cutting, ending, boundaries, and so forth. Perfect match.

“I want to get this job done.”

Well Jupiter is great for success and achievement in general but try a Mars and get your own motivation going. The results will likely last longer if they’re coming more from you.

“I want to do a love spell.”

Hooooo boy. Are you sure? Are you really sure? Are you trying to coerce someone into loving you or are you trying to welcome the right love into your life? Yes I’m going to have some questions when I hear this one and I hear this one a lot. Love magic is fantastic and powerful and can affect your life but for the love of all that’s holy- see what I did there?- make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and in a way you can live with. That would be the Venus candle.

“Do you have Goddess and God candles?”

Not specifically, no but if you want masculinity and femininity represented that would be a Mars and a Venus.

“What would you use the Moon one for?”

Personally? Divination rituals. I’ve also sold them to people for emotional healing and dream interpretation. It would be a great candle to have burning in your office if you are a professional diviner, any sort of energy healer, or possibly a therapist of some sort.

These are the fun questions for me, actually putting my work to use. It’s very satisfying, as a crafstperson, to see your work enjoyed and appreciated.

All seven planetary votive listings are live in the Store.

If you are looking for a very specific energy, or combination of energies in one candle, don’t hesitate to use the Contact page or the message feature on the Facebook page to request custom work. I have created custom votive and pillar candles for everything from house blessing to fertility to creative inspiration to job hunting success using different planetary alignments and ritual work.

Personal feelings and experiences with magic aside, I am required to state that all magical items are sold as curios and that one should always seek professional help for medical, legal, financial, and other concerns.